GlobeHosting has suspended services to this account.

You will be redirected to the home page in 10 seconds. If you don't wan't to wait please click here.

Pentru a certifica motivul suspendarii dvs, logati-va in aria dedicata clientului si trimite-ti un ticket de asistenta. .

Cel mai comun motiv pentru suspendare este neplata. Sistemul suspenda in mod automat conturile care nu sunt achitate in concordanta cu urmatoarea politica:

Avertizarile se trimit adreselor de email din baza noastra de date.

In cazul in care nu aveti vreo proforma restanta contul dvs a fost suspendat din alte motive. Verificati termenii si conditii de utilizare pentru a vedea daca contul dvs este in concordanta cu acestia inainte de a trimite un ticket de asistenta.

To ascertain the reason of your suspension, log into the client area and submit a support ticket.

The most common reason behind suspension is non-payment, the system will automatically suspend accounts which do not make payment in accordance with the following policy:

Warnings are issued to the registered email address in our billing system.

If you do not have any invoices overdue then your account has been suspended for other reasons. Check the terms of use to make sure your account complies with it completely before submitting a ticket to the support desk in the billing system.

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